Birth Doula Support

Birth Doula Support

I have worked with expectant, laboring and new moms and their babies as a hospital labor and delivery and postpartum nurse, group leader, and instructor since 2004 and love it. I had two beautiful vaginal deliveries and breastfed my boys for years. I have insider knowledge that is helpful in planning for and supporting you with the kind of birth you want. I support women in their birth preferences (medicated or unmedicated; interventions or natural) and at the birth location of their choice (home, birth center or hospital). I trust birth and know the value of having continuous nonmedical support during labor which is why I became a doula.

As a doula, I provide in´╗┐formational´╗┐, emotional and physical support. I do not make decisions for you, speak for you, nor do medical tasks such as vital signs, taking blood pressures, and monitoring the baby’s heart rate. I provide information, guidance, resources, support and presence.

My labor support service includes:

One complimentary consultation to see if you would like me to be your doula (about 1 hour),
Two prenatal appointments in your home or at my office (up to 2 hours each appointment),
Birth plan counseling,
Resources and referrals,
Text, email and phone support throughout your pregnancy and the early postpartum period,
On call two weeks before your birth and two weeks after your due date,
Continuous labor support and
One postpartum appointment in your home (up to 2 hours).

Optional additional services include childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care classes and lactation consultations.

During prenatal appointments, we get to know each other and discuss your birth preferences, goals and relevant history. I assist you in making a birth plan that reflects your desired birth whether it be medicated or unmedicated, natural or c-section birth. I provide you with information about medical interventions, comfort measures, coping techniques and laboring and pushing positions. I provide email, text and phone support to answer questions that may arise. My goal is to help you and your partner to be informed, prepared, confident and empowered to have the type of birth you want.